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Ya know when you’re just having one of those days that seems like everything is going wrong and everyone is out to get you? I had one of those days earlier this week and I’m glad to say that I didn’t let that petty crap get to me.

What triggered this post was me being stranded on the side of the freeway the other day. Luckily, it was easy to just whip out my phone and get a towing service in Monrovia out to me. The dude that came out was super cool to, so that sorta made my day better that I didn’t have to deal with some weirdo for thirty minutes. Anyways, I’m getting off track.

In life, not every day is going to be all rainbows and roses. Most days are going to be really, really tough. I’m glad that as I read and learn more about life that I become more aware and conscious of this. It’s funny how some people are super woe is me, life is so unfair, and other people are like, let’s rock, let’s go, let’s tear this up! haha.

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Gloss can be an alluring thing for your tresses, lips and nails. But for your face? No, not really. Putting up with oily skin can be a real challenge. Having to touch up your makeup every once in a while throughout the day can be tiresome. By making a few amendments in your lifestyle, you can quickly eradicate oiliness forever. Having an oily skin is common which is why different people deal with it differently. Therefore we have compiled a list of ways through which you can get the oil free skin you have always dreamed of having.

Wash Your Face Consistently

There could be plenty of reasons why your skin produces excessive oil like hormonal changes, hot weather or due to your daily activities. But one of the reasons that you should keep in mind is that excess oil can get accumulated on your face simply because you either wash your face too often, causing it to get dry and making your body to produce more oil to recover for it, or you just don’t wash it enough. Setting up a consistent schedule to wash your face will help you out in this case. Washing your face thrice can be a good number to stick with.

Choosing A Face Wash

If you have oily skin then choosing the right cleanser is a crucial step. There are some cleansers that completely strip oil from your face and leave it dry causing your body to compensate for it by overproducing sebum. While there are others that lead to clogged pores and shiny looking skin. Find the one that is perfect for you by talking to your dermatologist and inquiring about your skin. Getting to know about the kind of skin you have more deeply will only benefit you because you’ll end up making wiser choices in the future.

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Air conditioning units in California usually have moments when they will malfunction or break down. This happens because of prolonged use, dust, or other things that cause mechanical failure. If this happened to your unit, Glendale air conditioning repair would be needed. It would be hard to live with a broken unit especially during the summertime.

When you have a problem in your hands that is related to Glendale heating and air, do not take it lightly. Practice caution with anything that you will do since even the smallest mistake can make matters worse. Carefully choose every approach you will take. Be aware of what has to be put into consideration.

Take Your Time

First thing should be taken note of is the problem’s nature. Know first what you are up against for you to have an idea how you can deal with it. Spend all the time you need to assess the situation. During the assessment, have the manual ready just in case you will encounter something that is difficult.

Doing an assessment first helps uncover the extent of the problem or its severity. Units that are not greatly damaged can just be taken care of by simple tweaking, dusting, cleaning, or sometimes by repairing broken windows in Glendale, CA. A complicated problem usually involves sensitive parts.

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Adorn yourself in earthy ornaments made of simple, yet elegant wood

The Wooden jewelry has made the comeback and there are many who give this jewelry the first preference. Let’s read more about wood jewelry.

For long, all sorts of metals and gemstones kept the hearts of millions captured with their shimmer. There is no argument about the desirability they command. But in the world of ornaments, wood has always maintained a steady position for itself. May be it is the rooted nature & the earthiness of the wooden jewelry that manages to attract every jewelry enthusiast or its sheer simplicity that does the trick, but wooden jewelry has made quite a comeback in the fashion world and it is here to stay.

Even for DIY jewelry makers, wooden jewelry can be made for extremely cheap. Especially if you use wood from trees in your backyard or find some on craigslist. I know one friend who called up her parents tree trimmer at and asked them to drop of a few pieces of wood for her to use for jewelry making.

Wooden jewelry is extremely light weight making it an ideal pick for the busy women of today. They can adorn themselves with wood ornaments, look super stylish and yet not feel weighed down. Unlike metal, which can be melted and molded again and again, wood-jewelry cannot be worked upon more than once. The jewelry designers know that every step taken with wood is irreversible. This makes it altogether a highly skilled job and as a result gives wooden jewelry the admiration that it truly deserves despite looking incredibly simple. 

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Most celebrities and A-listers love their style, jewels and looking their best, but no other group of entertainers love their bling as much as rappers. With each one trying to out do the next with how much gold or diamonds they can drape across their chest or on their fingers, rappers love gold and they like it to shine.

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