Month: June 2015

June 22, 2015 / / jewelry

Adorn yourself in earthy ornaments made of simple, yet elegant wood

The Wooden jewelry has made the comeback and there are many who give this jewelry the first preference. Let’s read more about wood jewelry.

For long, all sorts of metals and gemstones kept the hearts of millions captured with their shimmer. There is no argument about the desirability they command. But in the world of ornaments, wood has always maintained a steady position for itself. May be it is the rooted nature & the earthiness of the wooden jewelry that manages to attract every jewelry enthusiast or its sheer simplicity that does the trick, but wooden jewelry has made quite a comeback in the fashion world and it is here to stay.

Even for DIY jewelry makers, wooden jewelry can be made for extremely cheap. Especially if you use wood from trees in your backyard or find some on craigslist. I know one friend who called up her parents tree trimmer at and asked them to drop of a few pieces of wood for her to use for jewelry making.

Wooden jewelry is extremely light weight making it an ideal pick for the busy women of today. They can adorn themselves with wood ornaments, look super stylish and yet not feel weighed down. Unlike metal, which can be melted and molded again and again, wood-jewelry cannot be worked upon more than once. The jewelry designers know that every step taken with wood is irreversible. This makes it altogether a highly skilled job and as a result gives wooden jewelry the admiration that it truly deserves despite looking incredibly simple. 

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