The Obsession With Bling And Rappers

Most celebrities and A-listers love their style, jewels and looking their best, but no other group of entertainers love their bling as much as rappers. With each one trying to out do the next with how much gold or diamonds they can drape across their chest or on their fingers, rappers love gold and they like it to shine.

The History

Jewelry in the rap game came on the scene when the mainstream artists of the 1980’s started getting these big old record contracts, selling tons of albums and getting paid very well doing it. With all this money, these guys wanted to show themselves and the world that although the may have come from a poor part of the neighborhood or lived in a run down house, they were now achieving success and they showed it off with the bling they wore.

Symbols Of Achievement

For rappers back in the day gold and diamond jewelry was a status symbol that proudly displayed their achievement and realization of their worthy ideals. And with so many rappers displaying their success symbols so prominently and grandly, it was only a matter of time before each had to try and outdo the others. You had these hip hop guys who were just going bigger and bigger, louder and louder with their ginormous pendants, or fat dookie-rope chains, gold grills that covered their teeth, multi fingered rings, loaded up gold and diamond watches and anything else their money could buy.

See Their Bling

To see rappers bling, from Lil’ Wayne to Snoop Dogg, click here.


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