How to Get Rid of Oily Skin

Gloss can be an alluring thing for your tresses, lips and nails. But for your face? No, not really. Putting up with oily skin can be a real challenge. Having to touch up your makeup every once in a while throughout the day can be tiresome. By making a few amendments in your lifestyle, you can quickly eradicate oiliness forever. Having an oily skin is common which is why different people deal with it differently. Therefore we have compiled a list of ways through which you can get the oil free skin you have always dreamed of having.

Wash Your Face Consistently

There could be plenty of reasons why your skin produces excessive oil like hormonal changes, hot weather or due to your daily activities. But one of the reasons that you should keep in mind is that excess oil can get accumulated on your face simply because you either wash your face too often, causing it to get dry and making your body to produce more oil to recover for it, or you just don’t wash it enough. Setting up a consistent schedule to wash your face will help you out in this case. Washing your face thrice can be a good number to stick with.

Choosing A Face Wash

If you have oily skin then choosing the right cleanser is a crucial step. There are some cleansers that completely strip oil from your face and leave it dry causing your body to compensate for it by overproducing sebum. While there are others that lead to clogged pores and shiny looking skin. Find the one that is perfect for you by talking to your dermatologist and inquiring about your skin. Getting to know about the kind of skin you have more deeply will only benefit you because you’ll end up making wiser choices in the future.

Know How To Wash Your Face

After coming home from a long day tiring day at work or school, wash your face with warm water as hot water opens up your clogged pores and you’ll be able to banish oil from your skin faster and easier. After you’re done cleaning your face, wash it with some cold water to close the pores which will stop them from getting clogged.


Keep Oil Away From Your Face

In order to keep oil away from your face you can keep your hair pinned or pulled in a ponytail. That’s because your scalp produces the same kind of oil that is produced on your face. So by keeping your hair away from your face you basically avoid increasing the amount of oil on your skin. You might also be using some shampoos that have oil in them so it’s important to not let your hair come in contact with your face.

Keep Blotting Paper Around

By keeping the blotting paper in your bag or purse, you will be able to get rid of oil on your face during the day. Instead of stroking your face with the blotting paper you should gently pat it and let it absorb oil. If you don’t have blotting paper then, tissue paper will work too.

Change Your Pillow Covers Often

When you sleep on the same pillow every night, then oil and bacteria from your face transfer to it, and eventually it build up. So when you sleep on it, night after night then it will move back to your face. Therefore, it’s important to keep your pillow covers clean. By washing your pillowcases with mild washing powder, you’ll see a significant difference in your skin.

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